BrainVT VR*

Visual training software using virtual reality to achieve results in a fun, playful way.


* Only available for Windows and HTC Vive glasses

Improve your patients' motivation with virtual reality

Design your visual training in your practice with the BrainVT VR game package which includes 6 procedures to create more than 25 exercises to work on Anti-suppression, Attention, Reaction Time, Eye-Hand Coordination, Visual Memory, Saccades, Peripheral Vision, Anticipation, 3D Binocularity, Tracking and Lateralism among others.


+25 configurations from 6 games to train visual skills

Get BrainVT VR*

* Only available for Windows and HTC Vive glasses

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  • Pack of 6 customisable games
  • Online access to the software in question
  • BrainVT VR online installation
  • Online training* of BrainVT VR software


  • VR or PC glasses
  • Installation of the VR Glasses*

* For installation/classroom training consult prices


Developed by professionals

OUR BrainVTeam

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